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Esko Design Americas LLC introduces Scandinavian-inspired lamp designs, attention to aesthetics and advanced lighting and materials technology, with the skill of highly trained craftspeople and technologically focused collaborators. 

Assembly, customer service and day-to-day management are conducted at our spacious facility in Industry City, Brooklyn, New York. 

Esko Schmidt-Sørensen, who holds an engineering degree, founded the original company in Praesto, Denmark, and applied his own deep passion for design and a strong sense of curiosity in combination with a real will to meet tomorrow’s needs for intelligent LED lighting solutions.  Esko continues to meet the design challenges of the specification community for the commercial, hospitality, restaurant, education and residential lighting industries.  With over eleven years designing and producing various elegant designs for the lighting community, we’ve developed a reputation for enhancing visual spaces with homogenous lighting, physical colors and beautiful lines. 



 Our competencies 

• Market-leading know-how regarding high-end LED solutions
• Unmatched expertise in metals and surface treatment
• We specialize in creating lighting solutions for projects such as offices, conference and meeting rooms, lobbies, corridors, and reception and lounge areas. 
• We supply designs with 3D, samples and renderings to support decision-making
• We have our own unique global supplier platform and provide best of class lighting components

Esko Design Americas LLC is looking forward to working with you

on your important design projects.

To learn more about Esko Design please visit our Danish website: 

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